The Book of

Patrick Koetter


2002 - 2004

Head of Information architecture, management representative "Internet" at the University of Munich

2000 - 2001

Information architect, consultant at orchidproject GmbH

1999 - 2000

CTO, Key Account Manager, Consultant at Roses GmbH (ISP)

1996 - 99

Information architect, project managemenr, trainer, administration at Phase 4 Communications GmbH



"Tod dem Spam - SpamAssassin filtert auf dem Server" (c't 22/2002, Seite 168)


"Courier-IMAP -- Schneller und sicherer Mailzugriff für Mobile User" (c't 16/2003)


Postfix and alternative, non-IP based relay concepts

Keynote at the Linuxforum 2004 in Denmark.

SMTP AUTH and TLS relaying

at the annual Chaos Computer Club easter meeting, called Easterhegg 2004

Cyrus SASL, das unbekannte Wesen (the unknown creature)

at the first German Postfix User Convention in Berlin, 2004.